Honeybees at the COC


The Canadian Opera Company is delighted to be part of the ever-growing support of honeybees, Currently we host seven hives onthe roof of our opera house, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Follow the honeybees' progress on Parlando, with visits and posts from beekeeper Fred Davis!

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Shall We?

Worker bees do a little dance to communicate with each other to report on pollen findings. They can express to their hive mates how to get to the food as well. See more here!

Worker bees also perform dances to let receiver bees know that foragers have returned with food.

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Update from Fred

Beekeeper Fred Davis updates us on the honeybees' progress:

I removed one frame last weekend and examined it for varroa mites. This one frame (one of 10 in each of the bottom brood chambers) is unique because there is no (starter) foundation in it. Instead we let the bees build out the comb themselves. It takes a while for them to do this but the bees build naturally larger cells


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Top Ten Cool Things About the Amazing Honeybee

10. A honeybee strokes its wings at a tremendous speed of 11,400 times per minute. This stroking helps to produce the unique bee buzz we get to hear when it flies.

9. The queen lays upwards of 1200 eggs per day.


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